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The Dewy Look

by LeAnn Cyr |

I’ve always really loved the dewy look but have never known how to achieve it because I always wore so much make-up. Now, whether I’m wearing no make-up or a little bit of make-up, my skin looks dewy because I use the Collagen Youth Serum every day, which has a ton of vitamin C and E. I know that it sounds like I’m just saying this because it is our product, but  I think most people that have been friends with me for a long period of time on social media know that I never posted pictures without, or even with a  little make-up before, only pictures with heavy make-up. It’s very clear that my skin is healthier after using CYRx MD.

This is one of my favorite products and definitely my “most used” product because it absorbs so quickly it’s easy to layer other products on top of it.

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