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Our Story

At Surgical Associates in Spine (, my focus as a spine surgeon is revision surgery, I often do surgery on patients with unsightly scars from previous failed surgeries. I have looked for years for ways to minimize the appearance and discoloration of surgical scars. I’ve used Vit E, coco butter, silicone pads, you name it, to treat scars. Additionally, I sought products to reverse the aging process and sun damage as well as the darkening of skin after pregnancy that my wife, and many others, battle unsuccessfully. After years of laser treatments, multiple over-the-counter products, and ineffective and harmful sunscreens, my wife came to me for a solution.

I am also a father of two teens who need similar products effective against the scourge of acne. I knew the products had to be cruelty-free and free of harmful chemicals and common allergens. I was searching for my wife, children, and patients so I had to be sure the products were both safe and effective. With all that in mind, I realized the only way to obtain what I was looking for was to research the science behind safe and effective skincare and then partner with chemists and skin specialists to formulate a proprietary blend of products ideally suited to inhibiting large, unsightly scars, skin discoloration, and damage from aging, and the effects of hormones and bacteria on the skin.

"I am proud to announce the unveiling our line of skincare products, CYRx MD Skincare: medical-grade, scientifically-derived products formulated for the wide spectrum of skin disorders." ~Dr Cyr