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'Maskne' Is a Real Thing

by LeAnn Cyr |

We are all feeling the sting of the COVID-19 crisis. One thing many of us can relate to is the skin irritation of wearing masks for prolonged periods of time (aka Maskne). Masks create an environment that irritates the skin due to increased temperatures, moisture/humidity, and pressure on the skin. This can lead to damage to the skin barrier leading to redness, acne, tears in the skin, and even scarring or discoloration. CYRxMD SKincare has several products to protect the skin from mask-related issues.

The Ultra Recovery cream has Ceramides and moisturizers to protect and treat the skin from damage. If acne results from the sweat and irritation, The Acne Control System can be a skin-saver. It is the world’s first non-irritating micronized benzoyl-peroxide system which increases penetration and efficacy. With scarring or dark discoloration of healed skin, use the Melasma fade, retinol pads or Tretinoin cream, or Antioxidant cream to lighten this discoloration.

First and foremost is prevention, so start with Ultra Recovery cream twice daily and hopefully, your skin will stay pristine.

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