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by LeAnn Cyr |

One day, it just shows up.

Sun damage, spots, melasma (looks like a dark shadow or “dirty face”). All those years of baking in the sun, I did it oil, tanning beds with the tacky tanning stickers *cringe*, you name it. I loved the sun!

Then one day, melasma shows up. It can show up on the forehead, cheeks, upper lip (no thank you), and is usually symmetrical. If there is a certain pattern on your left side, odds are the pattern will match the right side. Melasma can be difficult to remove or fade.

CYRx MD Skincare's Melasma Fade is a proven way to lighten the pigment and finally fade your melasma. Sold online right here or at BIO2 LASER studio (available for curbside pickup).

Ps. Don’t forget the sunscreen! #agelater

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