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Healthy Tips to Help Promote Hair Growth

by LeAnn Cyr |

Healthy hair helps boost our overall confidence and comfort. Unfortunately, as we get older, we begin to notice that our hair may not be as thick and full as it was before. Studies have found that several factors contribute to hair loss which includes, genetics and poor lifestyle habits. Making notable changes to our normal routine may help stimulate hair growth and encourage strong, full
hair. Here are a few tips to help promote healthy hair growth:

Don’t Over Wash

Studies have found that over washing the hair leads to hair loss over time. Over-washing causes the hair to be stripped from essential vitamins, nutrients, and natural oils needed to encourage healthy full hair. For this reason, it is vital to prevent washing to allow the hair to grow and also preserve its natural oils.

Equally important, while washing the hair, it is necessary to limit your hot water use. Hot water not only dries the skin, but it also dehydrates the scalp on our head. When the scalp becomes dehydrated, this leads to itchiness and dryness, which ultimately results in hair loss over time. For this reason, studies suggest that lukewarm water is the best to use for washing your hair. Lukewarm water does not dehydrate the hair, which helps preserve its natural oils and nutrients
on the follicles.

Limit Your Shampoo Time

Equally important, washing your hair with shampoo every day isn’t ideal either. Hair shampoo has been shown to remove nutrients and minerals from the hair follicles. Aim to only use shampoo on your hair when deemed necessary, for example, if your hair becomes extremely dirty or itchy.

On the other hand, if a shampoo is not necessary, try to co-wash your hair with conditioner instead. Using conditioner on your hair helps replenish the scalp with the necessary vitamins and nutrients needed to promote and stimulate hair growth.

Use Silk Pillows

Another great way to promote hair growth is by using silk pillows when sleeping. Studies have found that cotton pillows tend to cause friction on the scalp area, which contributes to unwanted shedding overnight. Additionally, cotton pillows have been shown to absorb the scalps natural oils, which leads to dryness and flakiness on the scalp. Ultimately, this leads to hair loss and balding in different areas of the scalp over time. Using a silk pillow helps your hair preserve its
natural oils and also limits hair loss.

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