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The Many Different Types of Acne

by LeAnn Cyr |

Everybody has experienced acne at some point in their life. For some, acne doesn’t appear until you hit puberty. But for others, it can persist far into adulthood and become a part of their everyday life. If you think applying some toothpaste to a pimple is your ultimate acne solution, it’s time to learn how to identify and treat your breakouts the right way. Continue reading to know more about different types of acne:


This is probably one of the most common forms of acne because it is directly related to your hair follicles, which cover your entire body. Blackheads are known as open comedones. This occurs when a hair follicle becomes clogged with oil or dead skin cells. Blackheads tend to be clearly visible on the surface of your skin and get their dark coloring through the oxidation of melanin (skin pigment).

It’s important to know that scrubbing your face vigorously, or picking at blackheads will not reduce the appearance or formation of them. If you do this, it can lead to inflammation and other irritation.


Commonly referred to as open comedones, whiteheads are pimples that stay closed at the surface of the skin. When you see a pus-filled, white pocket at the surface of your skin, it’s because oil and dead skin cells prevent the clogged hair follicle from opening. This leads to the formation of a bump that is trapped beneath your skin. It’s crucial that you leave whiteheads alone and do not try to squeeze or pop them. This can lead to permanent blemishes and scarring, risk of infection, and other irritation.


Papules are also comedones, however, they differ from blackheads and whiteheads because they are inflamed. This type of acne forms small red or pink bumps on the skin and is typically sensitive to the touch. As with all acne breakouts, do not pick, squeeze, or scratch papules because it can lead to more severe inflammation and permanent scarring.


Pustules are zits that are full of pus, hence the first three letters of the name. They contain a whitish-yellow, protein-rich fluid that builds up at the site of an infection. Commonly misnamed as whiteheads, pustules have a red ring around the bump that signifies inflammation. They can grow quite big in size due to the overproduction of oil and bacteria buildup. They tend to appear on the face, neck, chest, back, and shoulders because these areas have the largest number of functional oil glands.


Nodules are a growth of abnormal tissue and are much bigger than papules. They are large, inflamed bumps that feel firm to the touch. They form deep under the skin and are often extremely painful. Trying to drain these bumps can lead to severe infection and scarring. These usually cannot be treated at home or with over-the-counter products. Nodules should be treated by a professional dermatologist.


Now cysts have a very distinctive appearance that looks similar to a boil. They are large, pus-filled lesions that can be very painful. They are a sac-like pocket of membranous tissue that contains either fluid, air, or other substances. They can grow almost anywhere on the body or under your skin. Cysts vary in size and can either be cancerous, precancerous, or benign.

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