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How to Maintain Acne Control and Have Great Skin

Sometimes, it can be difficult to keep your skin looking great while maintaining acne control. Most people have acne on their face but it can affect other parts of the body such as your arms, back, and chest, too. Acne medications can be hard on the skin, leaving it rough and dry. In some cases, the treatment for acne can be more damaging than the acne itself. Learning how to take care of the skin while treating your acne can help keep it smooth and beautiful while reducing the number of outbreaks you have and their severity.  Clean and Exfoliate Your Skin If you're prone to acne outbreaks, it's important to clean and exfoliate your skin. Wash your face twice a day using a gentle cleanser and warm water, then rinse well. Some of the best cleansers to use when you have acne will contain chamomile, benzoyl peroxide, niacinamide, and aloe vera. Avoid touching your face with dirty hands in-between washing.  Exfoliate your skin once a week to remove the dead skin cells that create a dull, rough appearance and to help with your acne control. The dead skin cells contain bacteria that contribute to acne. Exfoliating will make your skin look and feel softer while reducing the number of acne outbreaks you have.  Common Mistakes That Makes Acne Worse Common mistakes many acne sufferers make with acne control are washing too often, scrubbing too hard, and using harsh cleansers to treat the acne. Cleaning your skin excessively or scrubbing it too hard can damage your skin and make the condition worse.  When choosing over-the-counter acne medication, start with the mildest formula available. If it doesn't work for you, then increase the strength until you find one that gets the results you're after. Never use products that contain alcohol on your skin. This will cause the skin to dry out. Don't squeeze or pick at the acne. This can make it spread and it can leave scars. Another mistake many people make is spending time in the sun or tanning beds. The sun can irritate the skin and make acne worse and so can the artificial lights used in tanning beds. Some acne products will make you more sensitive to the sun's rays, causing even more problems, so you have to be careful. If you must be outside, wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect your face and long sleeves to protect your arms and shoulders.  Acne can be embarrassing and when you have dry, rough skin in-between the outbreaks it makes it even worse. These tips can help you maintain acne control and have great skin so you don't have to be embarrassed over your skin anymore.  

by LeAnn Cyr •