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I Got “OrthoSculpt”

by LeAnn Cyr |

Everyone has their “problem” areas on their bodies that they are not happy with. Mine has always been my arms. No matter how much diet and exercise I did, I could never get that great definition in my biceps.

So when I decided to get “OrthoSculpt” done, I was impressed by the process because it involved drawing out the anatomical lines from the perspective of an orthopedic surgeon. Steve knew where all the muscle insertions were supposed to go and what was below the surface of my skin so that he was simply exposing what was already there as opposed to superimposing something artificial. It was really cool to watch the process of OrthoSculpting because we realized, and I think everyone in the room realized, that it was something unique to his knowledge of the anatomy. Not every doctor understands the human anatomy the way an orthopedic surgeon does (and they don’t really need to if they are not one), but especially a Mayo Clinic fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon with the type of experience that Steve has.

The crazy thing is I was the first guinea pig, so over the course of the last two years he’s just gotten better and better. ~LeAnn Cyr

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