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Before & After with Melasma Fade

by LeAnn Cyr |

Sun damage has been the scourge of my existence. I’ve been struggling with Melasma for the last several years. Being part Asian and part Caucasian, I think I got a double dose of it. I was starting to get nervous because it was getting progressively worse. I tried everything from over the counter to prescription and nothing seemed to work on my very stubborn dark marks.

I asked Steven (Dr Steven Cyr) if he could help figure something out with regard to developing a malasma program that would subside, if not get rid of, the sun damage. What he came up with worked better than any other product I had used to date. These pictures were taken 45 days apart. As you can see, the results are amazing. (These photos have not been altered.)

LeAnn Cyr melasma fade

So here’s what worked for me in the CYRx MD Skincare system:

🍃I used the Rejuvenating Cleanser - obviously you want your skin to be clean first and foremost.

🍃Then I swiped my entire face with a Retinol Pad - this removed all residual makeup and gave a slight exfoliation - it “prepped” the skin.

🍃Then I used my favorite product ever, “Melasma Fade” - I treated my problem areas 2x a day (but you can decide based on your skin’s tolerance). It’s pretty strong because it’s medical grade so start slow and build up!

🍃Then I only moisturized the areas of my face that I was NOT treating with the Melasma Fade. This allowed the skin in those areas to turn over faster. I highly recommend this even though it seems counterintuitive to not moisturize!

🍃For the other areas that I was not treating with Melasma Fade, I would use:
-Collagen Youth Serum
-Ultra Recovery Cream (use on new skin after dark marks fade to help skin recover)
-Retinol Eye Cream

🍃Lastly, everyday, especially over the Melasma Fade treated areas, I used sunscreen. Sun defense SPF 50 is my personal preference.

#Melasma is stubborn and likes to come back so you have to be diligent and consistent with the products. ~LeAnn Cyr

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