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How Exfoliating Can Improve Your Looks

by LeAnn Cyr |

Using an exfoliating product on your face two times a week can dramatically improve the appearance of your skin. It can enhance your looks in several ways and help your skin become healthier.

If you remove scaly dead skin from your epidermis, you'll let the skincare products you apply to your face nourish your skin more efficiently. The exfoliation process unclogs pores and allows beneficial creams and serums you apply to your skin to easily seep into pores without dead skin standing in the way. Putting nourishing skincare products on skin that's regularly exfoliated contributes to healthier skin. 


Giving new skin the chance to surface by sloughing off the old skin sitting on top will give you a glowing complexion. The skin on your face will look radiant and clear after you exfoliate. 


Fine lines and wrinkles will look less noticeable after you exfoliate. Dead skin cells will no longer be there to accentuate aging lines and crevices. Your skin will appear younger-looking after you remove the dead skin. 


Your skin will feel smooth to the touch after you exfoliate. You will love the way it feels when you run your hands across it after.


If you want to get rid of the dead skin on your face, purchase an exfoliating product that's designed to be used on this delicate part of the body and follow the instructions on the label. Use one that's non-abrasive so it's gentle on your skin. After exfoliating your skin regularly, you'll notice how young, radiant, and smooth your skin will look and feel.


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